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A sailing holiday in spectacular Italy offers diverse and unique adventures, revealing vistas and captivating cultural experiences at every turn. From sophisticated to raw, natural beauty, Italy has it all.
Must see: 

From Procida, stop over at Positano, the most photogenic town on the Amalfi Coast. Climb streets so steep they are more akin to staircases to see houses painted in shades of pink and marvel at the surrounding beauty.

Must do: 

Sail into the waters of Maddalena Island, Sardinia, and enter a pristine natural world of incredible beauty. Surrounded by rocky and rugged islands, unspoilt by development, this is just the spot for a romantic interlude.

Eat, sail, Italy

Dramatic vistas, architecture steeped in tradition and gourmet delights await you on a sailing visit to Italy. Depending on which part of regionally diverse Italy you want to explore, there are four incredible starting points. Set forth from the port of Procida to explore the smallest and oldest island in the beautiful Bay of Naples for a true taste of Italian style and sophistication. Or sail from Tropea, one of the loveliest towns in Calabria, which overlooks white sandy beaches and impressive rock formations. It is the ideal departure point to visit southern Italy, Sicily or the Aeolian islands.

The base in Cannigone on the north-west edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea is the prime launching spot for a Sardinian holiday you won't forget. This region, comprising seven main islands and the magnificent Emerald Coast, offers perfect sailing, pristine snorkelling and delicious regional food. On Sicily's north-west, the capital of Palermo is set in stunning Monte Pellegrino, often described as the most beautiful promontory in the world. From here, visit the beautiful Egadi Islands and hop from one picturesque harbour to another. Taste regional specialities wherever you go!