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Wonders never cease with new discoveries every day on a Caribbean sailing holiday. Choose from seven glorious destinations and chart your own course to follow the paths sailed by explorers, buccaneers and pirates before you.
Visit Grenada
Untouched and irresistible Grenada is not called the "spice island" of the Caribbean for nothing - there's a scent of nutmeg in the air because of the abundance of locally grown spices. Heavenly!
Visit Bahamas
The Bahamas features one of the world’s largest barrier reefs and a quarter of the world’s corals scattered in warm, calm and inviting waters – ideal for a relaxing and family friendly sailing holiday.
Visit Antigua
Party central, Antigua has some of the best sailing in the Caribbean and plenty of hideaways to sneak off to when rest is called for. Antigua and sister island, Barbuda, boast 365 beaches – one for every day of the year.
Visit Belize
One of the few unspoilt destinations on earth, Belize is blessed with an incredible Mesoamerican reef that stretches 350 nautical miles along the coastline. It's also home to the world’s second largest barrier reef – magic!
Visit St Lucia
With its fertile rainforest interior and soaring twin peaks, the Pitons as a backdrop, the Caribbean island of St Lucia offers idyllic cruising and tropical island activities from snorkelling to hiking in an unbeatable part of the world.