Visit Greece - it's second to none

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Get set to cruise the sun-drenched islands of Greece - let the adventure begin.

From delicious food in quaint tavernas to stunning turquoise waters, we've got five (very) good reasons to charter in Greece!

  1. Food.
    From crunchy Greek salads to hearty moussaka, from grilled freshly caught fish to spicy lamb gyros, you won't find better food anywhere else in the Mediterranean. Pull into a marina for the night and spend a few hours relaxing in the local taverna with a delicious smorgasbord of Greek fare as you watch the sun set on another great day on the water.
  2. Vistas.
    From romantic sea-side villages to stunning Greek architecture, from secluded beaches to quaint, white-washed houses rolling up the hillside, the views from your vessel will be sure to amaze. Take some time to sit back, relax and take in those views.
  3. Affordability.
    In comparison to many countries you may charter in around the world, a sailing holiday in Greece is a very affordable prospect. If you can travel in off peak season - spring or autumn - and not in the middle of summer, there are some great deals on offer. In addition to the price of the charter, eating out is relatively inexpensive, as is on-land accommodation.
  4. Photography.
    Greece is a photographer's dream! From the coastline to the secluded beaches, from the ancient architecture to historical cultural sites, from the warm and friendly locals and their rich culture, Greece is bursting with photo opportunities. Make sure you pack your camera.
  5. History.
    A visit to Greece isn't complete without a visit to the famous Acropolis, the Parthenon or the Delphi, which was once revered by the ancient Greeks as the centre of the earth. With over 6,000 islands steeped in thousands of years of history, everywhere you go in this wonderful country is a voyage of discovery.
Sun-drenched Santorini awaits visitors to the Greek islands