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Explore our guide to boredom busters when wet weather hits during your charter holiday..

When it's all sunshine and smiles, charter holidays are a dream, but what do you do when it rains? Nothing tests a family or group of friends more than being trapped inside a boat during wet weather. No matter where in the world you’ve embarked on your charter holiday, rain is always a possibility. Take our tips to cope for a rainy day at sea.

  1. Be prepared.  
    No matter what the season or weather forecast, always pack wet-weather gear and a few items to keep you entertained below deck.  A deck of cards, some books, board games and pens and paper don’t require batteries and can go a long way towards entertaining more than one person at a time. This is particularly essential if you have young children on board.
  2. Stay dry. 
    This is your biggest challenge! Ensure all hatches and doors are closed properly. Even the smallest leak can have devastating consequences and no-one wants to crawl into a wet berth at night.  Keep yourselves as dry as possible to stay warm and comfortable, and in good spirits – particularly if rain has set in. Put the kettle on, rug up and settle in for some reading and relaxation.
  3. Be safe. 
    The deck can get a bit slippery if there has been in a downpour so be sure to wear footwear that grips well and keep one hand holding onto the boat at all times if walking around the deck in rain.
  4. Use your imagination. 
    There are hundreds of different card games to play, and board games can entertain groups for hours on end. If you left the cards and games behind, there are all sorts of word games and guessing games that require only a piece of paper and pen. Create drawing challenges or a funny story or song contest. Cook something in the galley or issue a dessert challenge to the crew, limited to the ingredients on board.
  5. There’s a rainbow just around the corner. 
    Most of the time when we’re prepared for rain, it doesn’t end up raining! So perhaps that’s your incentive – you’re prepared if it does rain, and you’ll be none the worse off if it doesn’t.  And when the rain clears, get the camera ready to capture that perfect rainbow over the ocean!
Wet weather tips with Whitsunday Rent a Yacht