What the pros pack for charter

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Ready to step your sailing holiday up a notch? Pack like a pro and you’ll be an expert on the water in all conditions.

What are the absolute sailing essentials you need for a week on the water? We asked some of our skippers. Here’s what they suggested.

  1. Hat and sunscreen.
    All the best sailors wear hats. Hats are vital in protecting your head and face from the sun, keeping hair out of your face, and at times to keep you warm. You may experience all conditions at sea, so pack a versatile hat which ticks all those boxes. Sunscreen should also be minimum 50+ to protect you from the sun and the sun’s reflection off the water.
  2. Polarised sunglasses.
    Seeing life through a polarised lens really is better. The sky is bluer, the grass is greener and, most importantly, the water is clearer – extremely important for safe mooring and navigating. Polarised lenses reduce glare and reflections on the water’s surface, allowing you to see rocks, reefs, and any potential hazards which may be hidden below.
  3. Rain/wind proof jacket.
    Always be prepared for any weather changes. No one wants it to rain when they’re on charter, but if you come prepared with the right gear, it’ll make that rainy day at sea easier to handle.
  4. Sailing gloves.
    Something that impresses the uninitiated, and draws eye-rolls from the old salts, sailing gloves are typically reserved for those competing in fast-paced regattas. They prevent rope-burn and blisters from continual pulling and releasing of ropes. They also help you grip wet or slippery ropes. If your hands haven’t been toughened from years at sea, then gloves could be for you.
  5. Camera.
    The sea is a mysterious place, full of beauty and surprises. You never know when a whale might breach just metres from your vessel, or when you may sail around a headland and discover “paradise lost”. A decent zoom lens will also act as a handy telescope. Document your journey like a true explorer, and share it with the world.

Happy sailing!

Man at the helm of a charter boat